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Director: Maria G. Tórgarð
Cinematographer: Barbara Lervig
Choreographer: Vár Bech Árting
Editors: Maria G. Tórgarð & Barbara Lervig
Composer: Lil Lacy


Faroe Islands/Sweden/Finland/Denmark

video installation and live dance performance.

The Faroese nature is unspoiled and untouched. Or at least, this is how the Faroe Islands is often marketed in tourism campaigns. The green islands are a paradise - the last unspoiled place on Earth. And this is probably also what we, the Faroese, tell ourselves.

This performance rethinks the human connection with nature and our place in the world.

Through sound, dance and several layers of projections, this piece places nature and culture, the homely and the otherworldly up against each other. Pop culture, plastic and high heeled shoes meet Nordic myths, hard stone and breaking waves.

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